Monday, March 30, 2009

Morrissey vs. The House of Rules

“Take me out tonight Where there's music and there's people And they're young and alive” Morrissey- There is a light that never goes out

March 29th 2009 was damp, dreary and depressing, making it the perfect day to go and see Morrissey. I couldn’t help but think of how excellent it was that I was going see one of my favorite performers for the first time, and under such remarkably ironic circumstances. Oh yea, it was a Sunday, but for Morrissey…well, we all know how that one goes.
What was making this episode even more palatable was that I would be joined by my childhood friend, Marc Weiss. Marc lives about 10 minutes from Fenway Park and the show was at the new “House of Blues”, a short distance from where the Sox play. It was decided that we would meet up a few hours ahead of time to allow for a game of catch up as well as to down a few of grandpa’s sodas. After a few drinks Marc asks me if I want to see his tattoo. I agreed and he started to pull down his trousers. I wasn’t sure I was too interested in his tattoo anymore, but he reassured me it was PG. On his right thigh Marc had a Wu-Tang “W” with “Weiss-Tang” scripted across it. Some of the best ink I’ve seen on a person. A+.
Marc’s buddy “The Auburnator” was coming along for the show as well, and as a newly admitted fan of Moz, he was not exactly sure what to expect. Marc and I have been fans for quite some time, but we were virgins to a live Morrissey performance as well, making the three of us spin yarns of speculation as to how magical this show could be. We were like bottled beers that had been shaking all day and our caps were about to pop as we flowed out of Marc’s house and onto the streets of Boston.
The three of us made our way to the House of Blues, and Weiss had an extra ticket that couldn’t possibly go to waste. It was sold within a few moments and Marc had a little extra pocket cash. Somehow I separated from “The Auburnator” and “Weiss-Tang” and made my way into the show.
I walked into the show and the opening band, “The Courteeners”, were onstage and playing an amazing set. The mood was electric and the anticipation for Morrissey’s arrival was consuming the vast crowd. I ran into people that I hadn’t seen in some time and it was refreshing to reconnect with them. They told me to go to “The Model club” after the show. I grabbed another drink and met up with Marc and Auburnator.
The lights went down and a few clips from black and white movies of the 40’s and 50’s began to play on the back drop of the stage. The curtain lifted to reveal a colossal bare-chested sailor with a cigar in his mouth and the word “REFUSAL” typed over his torso. The crowd began to cheer as our patron saint of sadness sauntered onto the stage.

Moz, who will be celebrating his 50th year on earth on May 22nd of this year, looked amazing and his emotive presence was distinct and magnetic. He opened with “This Charming Man”, and I along with the entire crowd was instantly charmed by this mesmerizing man from Manchester.
He sang songs from “The Smiths” to his newest solo album “Years of Refusal”. The ambiance was complemented perfectly by the aesthetics which made it a visual spectacle as well.
During the middle of the set, Morrissey told the crowd how the people at “The House of Rules” had not granted him the simple courtesy of allowing him to steam brown rice and peppers for a snack on the road. The crowd booed the establishment and Morrissey, relishing in this, calmed the crowd and continued serenading us with more melancholy merriment.
During the show he ripped his shirt off and rolled around on the stage. It was amazing to witness the raw power of Morrissey.
The show concluded and we made our way to “The Model” club where they played Smiths and Morrissey until 2 in the morning. I was having an amazing time until my camera fell in the toilet. Shit happens.
This is an evening I will never forget. Thanks to Marc, Aubornator and Morrissey for a wonderful evening that will be in my heart forever.

Sunday, February 22, 2009

Warning: Very Graphic!!!

As none of you know, my friend Dan and I have been working on a graphic novel. We’ve been spending a lot of our time reading these beefed up comics, and have been inspired to create one of our own. I’m not at liberty to tell you what it’s about, but I can assure you it is something different.
Alan Moore is my biggest inspiration right now. I’ve been a huge fan of “Watchmen” for a long time as well as his other works like “V for Vendetta” and my favorite Batman story, “The Killing Joke”.
Frank Miller is another inspiration. His Batman stories, “The Return of the Dark Knight”, and “The Dark Knight Strikes Again” are incredible spins on Bats.

What Dan and I are trying to do is something that no one has read or seen before in the graphic novel genre, we have original ideas for characters, dialogue, art concepts and most importantly: plot. Plot is what drives story and the plot we have thus far is like driving a Bugatti Veyron (love the name).
It is a process, much more than I imagined, but I know we have it in us. I know this for one reason, and one reason alone: we are nerds. Wish us luck.

Sunday, February 15, 2009

I completely trust car salesmen

The car salesmen’s spirit animal must be the shark. They are both feared killers with big toothy smiles that can rip you and your bank account to shreds. They smell your money like blood in the water, spawning a psychotic feeding frenzy that either consumes you or leaves you fleeing for your life. Within their respective habitats, they are the apex predators whom have an insatiable appetite for the innocent. Needless to say, the other day I bought a new car and a pet shark.
I had my heart set on this:

But the dealer sold it right before I got there! I was kind of bummed out, but then they had my second choice, a Nissan Sentra 2005 se-r spec v:

I am stoked. It will help me get from A to B a lot faster my previous whip that I hooked my good buddy up with:

Other than that, it’s just been a long winter with minimal skating, which is rare for me. It has been good, some what cathartic, and has helped me reconnect with old friends from New Hampshire.

I used to think New Hampshire was the seventh circle of hell; however, it seems more like heaven to me now more than ever. Hindsight is 20/20, and looking back I’m glad I’m from Sandown, New Hampshire rather than some of the places I’ve called home or visited over the years. The air is clean, it’s heavily wooded, you can see the stars at night and the only criminals are my friends. It’s a great place and maybe one day I can get a log cabin off of Phillips pond with a mini ramp and a kill zone in the back yard.

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

An introduction to ignorance.

This is Dave and this is my blog. Should be fun.